Audiophile Gear H. enthused "Love me some Bob Dylan. But it looks like I'll need to save up to complete my collection."



An anonymous Jira user reported "I'm glad to see that despite having a repository of any size, let alone 2GB, that it's still not in read-only mode.~" It's funny, I would expect an empty repository to be write-only.



Outdoorsy Drew W. snipes "I'm holding out for REI's next sale, 40% off [Object object]."



Observant Jason unmasked a sick email signature, saying "I received an email from a client and noticed that the signature was different for this person than others in that same organization. It's missing the @ sign but I'm pretty sure it would break a lot of regex parsing long before that." Anybody want to chime in the comments about what's going on here? I'm stumped.



Finally for Feedback Friday, Andy R. explained "Amazon wanted me to report on an item I'd purchased but I can't remember buying anything from `mre_mfn_hmd_tell_us_how_the_seller`". That seems like a distinctive name which would be hard to forget.



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