Lyle Seaman

Once In A Lifetime

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Not exactly once, I sincerely hope. That would be tragic.

"Apparently, today's leap day is causing a denial of service error being able to log into our Cemetery Management software due to some bad date calculations," writes Steve D. To be fair, he points out, it doesn't happen often.

Hard Daze Night

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It was an extraordinarily busy week at Error'd HQ. The submission list had an all-time record influx, enough for a couple of special edition columns. Among the list was an unusual PEBKAC. We don't get many of these so it made me chuckle and that's really all it takes to get a submission into the mix.

Headliner Lucio Crusca perseverated "Here's what I found this morning, after late night working yesterday, sitting on my couch, with my Thinkpad on my lap. No, it was not my Debian who error'd. I'm afraid it was me."

Mirror mirror

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An abstitution, an assortment, time travel, bad language, and an error'd.

First up, Jeremy Pereira pushes the boundaries of this column by sharing something right. "Sort of an anti-WTF. It took them 44 minutes to realise they'd made a boo-boo." They probably were notified, but it's still pretty good time to repair. Especially considering the issues we know of that last for years and years.


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I don't think they exist.

Choosy Chris P. wants more choices, carping "You keep using that word, I don't think it means what you think it means."

Groundhog Day

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In this week's episode we have some more adventures in shipping and misadventures with dates. I just asked "Hey Google, how many days are there in February THIS year" and they answered confidently "28 days." I briefly considered autoplaying that query on this page to see how many of your devices would answer correctly, but then I decided I should autoplay a command to order me a pizza and then I thought better of the whole thing.

Following up on an earlier submission, Dave P. reports "Much to my amazement, the package did arrive in time for Christmas, but just barely. USPS really came through on their end, taking less than 2 days to deliver the package, after the original delivery service took 12 days to find the USPS dropoff facility." Hah! Somebody owes me a nickel!

Ride Ride Ride

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File under "Old Business": Swissrail just can't catch a break.

Diligent Richard B. dug into the news and reports "After following the link from this week's Error'd, I came across this interesting description in Swissrail's Member list. The filename means 'Company description En(glish)'. They have the same thing in French; the German description is normal."


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One of my multitude of peeves is the phrase "special characters." Somehow, our lexicon has been corrupted by semiliterate middle-schoolers, who have never learned that the name for ,.;: and so on is punctuation and/or symbol. Dustin Hoffman's Raymond was a special character. Period ain't.

This week, Robert F. had the misfortunate to step into it, and observed "What boggles my mind is that someone had to actively choose to create a validation rule specifically for this."


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Surprise-hating Adam R. worries "I thought I ordered some outdoors gear, but apparently I'm receiving some not valid today. I hope I don't get a box full of surprises!" I get it Adam; I don't like surprises either. But they're better than spiders.