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Just a Taste

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I'm fresh out of snark this week, so I'm relying on the rest of you to carry the load for me. Tote that barge, etc.

First up is a timely comment from an anonymous reader: "Even Kronos admits their software is a pain."

Beer and Peanuts

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We got a lot of good submissions this week, including some examples of test-in-prod we're saving for a special edition. Not too many of the usual NaN/Null/Undefined sort, but we did also get a small rash of time failures.

But frist, Henk highlights the curious case of QNAP's email subscription management page (which appears to be outsourced). "QNAP surely does not want to lose me!" he hoped.

It's Our Party

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...and we'll cry though we really don't want to.

Celebrant Joe cheered "Happy birthday DailyWTF! My gift to you, yet another date related Error'd for the pile."

ABQ is the bomb

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This week we have an unusual number of submissions involving dates or timestamps. That is, the usual sorts of error'ds, but unusually many of them.

Gerald E. chuckled "I do love the back to the future movies. But now I can see Beck from the future."

Left Hand Right

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Tim Y. is on Fire with this burn. "Competing teams inside Google? Or just the AI recognizing marketing tactics?"

Testing 1,2,3,4,5

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An anonymous friend sent us our frist test in prod for this week. And then there will be more, and more, and more. "This came up in Kaspersky's Blog's RSS. If you're lucky they might still have the error up in the original URL." I don't know if "chron" is just how "cron" translates to Russian and back, but the test appears to have succeeded.

timely post

Enterprising Michael

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Faithful Michael R. is good for a chuckle today. "I am using the free tier Infura right now but think I will go enterprisey straight away." Can't turn down a deal like that, eh?

Believe It Or Not

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This week we have a special visit from a mythical beast: the snarklemma. But first, a non-error Error'd.

Obsessive Optimizer Ian K. "Walmart's nationwide network of warehouse stores means they can save time and money by shipping locally. FedEx has them covered: Their nationwide shipping fleet determined the shortest path from Houston to its largest suburb goes via Georgia." Not the shortest path, nor the fastest, but surely the cheapest one that meets the delivery date requirement. It's probably not an error, and I believe it, but I still can't believe it!