Our own Michael R. , still job-hunting, has turned up a position that should NEVER be filled. " I was hoping at least one of them goes to 11!" Rock on.



Gordon F. "I'm eager to get this consignment, and grateful that the courier was able to pick it up 44 minutes before I even asked."



Philipp H. rhetorically wonders "What will happen to that 2nd runner in 249 years? What does Gitlab know that I do not know yet?" but explains the truth of the thing: "One Gitlab update created timestamps in the future by accident, which remain in its database." I hope you're not being charged for it!



Gen-Xer (?) Gearhead snarks "Magic 8-ball says: Outlook not so good."



jeffphi exclaims giddily "Wait, how many reward points?! Worth how much?! Exciting!!" Just imagine! They could have awarded you negative points. Or NaN!



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