Slow news week at Error'd, so we're dusting off a couple of submissions from earlier. That last one's a beauty, eh?

Special Dave flexes "Got my annual request for a donation to Habitat for Humanity. Not sure if their new URL is meant to convey just how special I am as a donor, or if someone was goofing off with a test for formatting the form and forgot to change before their production run." We love you too, sweet cheeks.



Moody Nicola is having an existential crisis. "MY laptop is not even remotely trying to help!" she writes. "Luckily we're already in the second half of the month; I'll be so happy to start anew. Hoping to get a bit more optimism from macosx."



Jinpa encountered this one at a semi-fancy hotel (dig the slick ice bucket!) Somehow I feel like we've run this before, but I'm not finding it in the archives. Any memories?



Mike S. snapped a shot from his own HDMI TV. Is it worthy of Error'd? I say it's at least worthy of a chuckle.



Finally, it's a bit of old news now but you may recall Southwest Airlines had a significant WTF not long ago. They tried to placate John Melville with their own private currency, but he's not having it. Jibes John, "Southwest says they had to cancel my vacation because their routing system couldn't handle a complex winter storm. I believe it because their web site also cannot handle simple problems -- like addition." Gripes aside, the Southwest software system seems like a fascinating but solveable challenge, if they have the will.



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