Prescriptivist Phil pronounces "Alas, I've been saying these wrong my whole life. But at least my way I can say it in one breath." At least your way I can say it within my remaining lifespan, Phil!



A different Phil sums up this image, postulating "I must have skipped this day of Set Theory"



Breaking the run of Phils, this item from Adam offers a can't lose get-rich-quick scheme. Sign us up!



Dapper Michael R. delivers: Colourful is the new black . Since black is the color which absorbs all the visible wavelengths, is it so wrong to consider that every other color is just a subcategory of black?



And finally, regular reader Argle Bargle admits "This isn't a true WTF. It's in some doc I'm finding quite useful, but someone's going to want to be the frist to comment on it." He's quite right that it's not really a WTF but it clears the low bar for "mildly amusing" so we'll permit it.



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