... or maybe oneth things snecod, as it turns out. This week, two unique anonymeese have brought something to share, and our alien friend Skippy piles on to the Lenovo laugh-in. Guten Morgen!

Decisive Michael R. is flummoxed by the law of the excluded middle. "YES," he assures us, "yes, those were checkboxes. And, no, not radios."



Elementary Counting Instructor Willy found an NHS formula that doesn't add up. Says Willy: "Got to get my son vaccinated, I think he's free on the 1th October." There's a joke in here about queues but I'm too tired to make it, maybe one of the peanut gallery can lend a hand?



The first of our mouse members, styled Anon M. points out a simple truth: "Asking good questions doesn't guarantee good answers."



And the second anonymous styles nothing but sagely observes "I think the owner of this site is also unclear on what Operational Excellence means."



Winding up this week's set as promised, thanks go to the Austrian Kangaroo for yeeting this scrap on the schnitzelbank. "Today I came to the office and saw that my machine had to do an update. Before the update was started by some magic and unexpectedly restarts my system in the middle of me working on something, I started it by myself. As expected, it let me know that after the installation it would restart the system. So I was surprised when, after some time the attached error showed up. In the end, I could just continue with everything I did before without rebooting as the update just did not work, I just had to start all the applications I was working with again... What a nice Friday!"



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