Sharp-eyed Jeremy P. goes a little meta, and we like little em meta. "Seen on a well known web site that publishes technology snafus.
I just think that if you are going to redact a company's name from a screen shot, you should probably also react the URL of the page from which the screen shot was made. Whether you publish this or not, I'd be grateful if you would tell me how many other people have also submitted this one." Only you, Jeremy. I'm not sure what that says about the readership of that website you're talking about. It must not be very popular.



Prolific poster Michael R. is a bit bitter about Bitcoin. His two cents worth: "Wordpress config must be difficult." Michael has sent us loads of wtfs, enough for a dedicated column. One of these days.



Justin F. from yet another York (naming is hard!) uncovers a rare barn find. "The image is of a job posting and in the lower left corner it says that I last visited it 53 years ago." Let me guess. Was it on January 1?



Yet Another Michael (whose surname does not begin with R) demands "The best run SAP, but mind you, only the pure! (Google-translated Lorem Ipsum email sent out by SAP Concur)"



Fittingly, finally, a blast from the past from an anonymous reader "This takes me down memory lane! Nigerian prince, fax, and failed mail merge." The full experience is here (and worth it), but the image below will give you a taste.



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