Alexander sends us this snippet, where we change our definition of truth to something which eschews concrete definitions and accepts that existence is ephemeral. Truth and false are just illusions we project onto a reality that is itself just an illusion. In the end, we are all nothing.

    public enum Bit
        None = -1,
        False = 0,
        True = 1

The file cannot be found, because there is no file to begin with. There is no self. This code is on the verge of breaking the wheel of reincarnation and becoming enlightened. Then again, Alexander tells us that this code lives inside of an e-commerce application handling, in his words, "REAL revenue". Capitalism is the enemy of enlightenment, so perhaps this code is just another example of a business co-opting movements and selling them back to the public at a profit.

Or maybe the author of this code is a real jokester. Maybe, they were just… doing a bit.

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