IBM Profs was introduced in 1980 including both email and calendaring support. Online calendaring is now old enough to have grandchildren, but we still can't get the simplest things right.

As our friend Romeo rhetorically wonders "Million dollar question: What calendar does Microsoft use?"



Microsoft aren't the only ones struggling with dates. An anonymous phillystine purchased a package from Costco and tried to track its progress cross-country. We've showcased flawed package trackers before, this is another in the same vein. I would prefer actually tracking and storing sequential locations, but even tracing by timestamp and (assuming accurate clocks) sorting the displayed results should do better than this. Says our cranky consumer "I was a little surprised how it was not moving anywhere. When I checked on Monday it only showed shipping label. I didn't expand to see it had actually shipped. Even the latest entry showed it in a different state from where it actually was. Date/Time sorting is HARD! Yes, but not this hard."



Michael R., en route to Paris, mutters "Thanks for nothing Tsohost." I hope he's not complaining; it seems like a pretty good deal.



Home handyman Clive P. shopped this wtf to us, and we bought it. "When I saw this dishwasher the depth seemed ideal, quite slim actually, but I was a bit worried it would be too wide or too high to fit in our kitchen." Maybe diagonally?



Latvian Valts S. fears calamity "Looks like the rain patterns around here are going to get weird... I blame the global warming." but personally I blame the Finns for the lapse, because, oh never mind.



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