"My FB got HACKED" wrote an anonymous contributor. "Verification codes box sooo not funny 🤦🤦🤦🤦" Not just one facepalm, but four.



Equanimous sportsball fan Carlos wrote "Maybe being equidistant to Chicago and OKC got this game blacked out for me. Whatever the reason, it looks like Sling left a loophole for bypassing the blackout (for someone else to exploit, not me.)" If you don't care about the audio.



Generous Will B. knows it is better to give than to receive, elaborating "I don't mind giving $undefined to my friends and family, but I need more information before I agree to receive it."



"Another Sorting Fail" chirped Stuart L. "So the car's 15,000km service comes after the 145,000km service, which is after the 144,000km service. Clearly my brain isn't big enough to understand the ordering of things. It also seems apparent that text input boxes are passé - they're SO 1990s." Just as with the flubstitutions, we need a name for this genre of errors. Proposals, anyone?



Finally, yet another anonymous contributor found us a cut Brazilian who precociously served in the Italian Government at the remarkable age of only five years old. "Google apparently could not distinguish a Public Works Minister of Italy from a MMA Fighter in the UFC," they inferred. There's another attribute of Sr. Costa which intrigues me. Apparently, he's a bird. Or a plane?



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