Winter is coming to New Mexico this year with a vengeance. It should be fine if you just stay out of the wind.

First, to get this out of the way, never let it be said that we at TDWTF won't take our own lumps. The Beast in Black has a beef with our grammar, and technically he is correct. "So Meta, Especially This Atrocity..."



As for winter, New Mexican Wayne chattered "Normally we don't get snow up here until Thanksgiving but the weather patterns are changing. I'd better take a look at my snow thrower, and perhaps my flame thrower."



Coincidentally(?), outdoorsman Bruce R. suddenly just happened to discover an urgent need for some insulated parkas, but was stymied in his efforts, noting "The website of Canadian outdoor equipment retailer MEC is highly variable in quality."



In a similar vein Barry M. ran into a snag with his Xfinity bill. "Yes, I have lots of questions."



And finally, Kim received an utterly flubsterated mass email from a leading retailer, grumbling "Fill in this form and we'll send you a promotional voucher. Can I redeem this email in store for a voucher that says what it is for?"



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