Hello my name is sticker

ComCorp went through a rather lengthy process to rebuild its website. One of the many changes implemented was to stop using titles as part of customer names. The lead developer on the project decided that removing the titles from all the places where they appeared was simply too much work.

"We'll just default to 'Mister' and then hide it wherever customer names are shown," he explained.

A few months later, our brave submitter delved into the code and examined this particular function:

It would dutifully remove "mr" (in any case) from any name given. I quickly noticed it wasn't picky about where the "mr" was in the name.

A quick orders search revealed it had mangled 150 peoples' names in their emails and parcel labels. I was horrified to discover this had inadvertently white-washed many people called "Imran" to "Ian".

A quick word with my manager and 1 hotfix later and all was well.

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