For this week, it's mostly nulls. But first, Finn Sami provides a provocative hint that the LLMs might be developing a theory of other minds. Says Sami: "A coworker noted that when Copilot starts to have doubts about Bing, this might be the real start of AGI." I've certainly got my doubts about some of the Alleged GIs around.



Then, thirst trapper Gordon S. teases a new unit system. "Forget about metrification, we're going for nullification!"



Old Hand (I know, because he double-spaced after his periods, see) Randal Schwartz told us a while back about null null. "I was excited by a new Fantasy - AI Image Generator for my phone and laptop, until I noticed in-app purchases. Then I saw that I could pay either $9.99 for null, or $89.99 for null. Not sure which to get? Will the more-expensive null make hands with only five fingers? That'd be a plus."



A risk-averse anonymous reader cautiously considered "Although Apple tempted me by offering an alternative to iOS 16.7.2, I thought that having a null OS seems like a bad idea."



And finally, uncappable Dave doesn't trust offers of something for nothing, but nothing for nothing? Okay, maybe. "I hate data caps, you hate data caps, we all hate data caps... Well, unless you're comcast/xfinity that is. At least I won't be charged extra for nothing I guess? Right? Right??"



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