Today's story is a Boss story (my favorite type), and is from Bernhard Hofmann himself:

Our boss, who has recently changed his title to CTO (Chief Technology Officer), presents us with our own daily WTF. We were privy to some of his more notable drivel earlier today. My repeated thoughts of WTF made me think that I really need to share this with people who might appreciate it.

He bought a new TFT monitor for his PC. Returned to his office and came out to shout across out office to me: "Can somebody come plug this in because I don't want to f** up the network." I think: Monitor. Network. WTF!?

The cable that came with his new TFT was too short to reach around the desk, so he was hunting our office for a longer one. When he found one on a particular PC, I heard him say "I can't because it's a Hansol one."

When considering using the new built-in TFT speakers: "I wonder if I have to install the driver?"

You know you've got one or two of these ... so send it on in!

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