"I've always ordered my burritos in Times New Roman. I'll have to make sure to try the Helvetica option next time I go in," Winston M. writes.


"Giving its all and another 5%. That's a battery that I can be seriously proud of," wrote Chris.


James S. writes, "What are the odds that the amount of entropy that went into my password would result in personal data of mine. Now if only I knew what it was!"


Paul writes, "Announcement about the cloud? Something about AI? Perhaps an massively useful new feature added to Windows. This email can be whatever you want it to be!"


"Well, I guess I can let the price slide, it is an estimate after all," Carl C. wrote.


Peter W. writes, "I've spent a bit of money to get the best laptop within my budget and when I looked up what type of hardware hp have put into their Omen device, I was glad to see they had the most excellent microprocessor cache, video graphics, and audio system (not visible here) that is available in the world.


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