Mark Bowytz

Besides contributing at @TheDailyWTF, I write DevDisasters for Visual Studio Magazine, and involved in various side projects including child rearing and marriage. Twitter: @mbowytz

Errors by the Pound

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"I can understand selling swiss cheese by the slice, but copier paper by the pound?" Dave P. wrote.

Try a Different Address

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"Aldi doesn't deliver to a memory address!? Ok, that sounds fair," wrote Oisin.

Math is HARD!

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"Boy oh boy! You can't beat that free shipping for the low, low price of $4!" Zenith wrote.

No Escape

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"Last night's dinner was delicious!" Drew W. writes.

Where to go, Next?

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"In this screenshot, 'Lyckades' means 'Succeeded' and the buttons say 'Try again' and 'Cancel'. There is no 'Next' button," wrote Martin W.

Just a Trial Run

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"How does Netflix save money when making their original series? It's simple. They just use trial versions of VFX software," Nick L. wrote.

This Could Break the Bank!

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"Sure, free for the first six months is great, but what exactly does happen when I hit month seven?" Stuart L. wrote.

We Must Explore the Null!

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"Beyond the realm of Null, past the Black Stump, lies the mythical FILE_NOT_FOUND," writes Chris A.