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Dec 2019

Out Of Necessity

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Cathédrale Saint-Étienne de Toulouse - chapelle des reliques - Confessionnal PM31000752

Zev, a longtime reader of The Daily WTF, has a confession to make.

Lying Metrics

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Locator LED

Our anonymous submitter—we'll call him Russell—was a senior engineer supporting an equally anonymous web service that was used by his company's desktop software for returning required data. Russell had a habit of monitoring the service's performance each day, always on the lookout for trouble. One fateful morning, the anomalies piled on thick.

Shining Brillance

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Jarad was still recovering from his encounter with Intelligenuity’s most “brillant” programmer, Keisha, when a new hire, Aaron, showed up at Jarad’s office.

The large project that dominated their timelines remained their efforts to migrate from .NET to Java, but Aaron was hired to keep the .NET side of things on track, handling bugs, new features that were desperately needed, and just general maintenance. It was made emphatically clear by the project managers that hiring more .NET developers was not an admission that the conversion to Java had failed, but would “free up resources” to better focus on the Java side of things.

Process Oriented

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Andre was finishing writing documentation before he clocked-out for a much needed, 2-week vacation. He had stocked up his fridge with beer, energy drinks, and cola. He planned on working on raids with his gaming guild. He hadn't been as active as he liked lately, and was really looking forward to the break.

Andre's phone buzzed. He looked and saw Bob was calling. Bob struggled with the most basic of tasks, but worked in a large enterprise. His department contracted out to Andre to help offset the problem of their sales department.