I'll be in a few places in Europe these next two weeks, and would love to meet up with anyone who's available.

Øredev 2012 (Malmö, Sweden)

I feel bad for not mentioning Øredev earlier (so you might actually be able to plan attending), but it's a world-class software developing conference with great speakers including Billy Hollis, Lisa Crispin, and Brian Foote. And, for some reason, I made the list and will be giving a talk on Ugly Code

NLUUG Fall Conference 2012 (Ede, Netherlands)

NLUUG is the association of (professional) Open Systems and Open Standards users in the Netherlands, and is holding a conference focused on Software Development. It's a good mix of topics from C++11 to Scrum, and of course, an exploration of Ugly Code by yours truly.

Amsterdam Get-together

Who's up for grabbing a few drinks in Amsterdam this Friday? Please drop me a note so we can get a group together and figure out a time/place. Thus far, we're thinking 6:30P at Waag.

England User Groups

Next week, I'll be talking about NuGet for the Enterprise and then heading to the pub with user groups in Cambridge (Monday), Oxford (Tuesday), Gloucestershire (Wednesday), and Southampton (Thursday).

London Get-together

It's pub night on Friday (Nov 16)! Meet at 7PM at Burger Breakout at The Old Crown, 33 New Oxford St, WC1A 1BH, and make sure to contact me if you're coming.

Hope to see of you there!

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